Hilarious Parody Trump Statement on Biden’s Mild COVID Diagnosis

A parody Trump statement on Joe Biden’s mild COVID diagnosis made the rounds Thursday, fooling some and bring mirth to many, especially with the last sentence that, parody or not, speaks to the fears of a good number of Americans.

Hours after his COVID diagnosis was announced, Joe Biden appeared in a video not intended as a parody to reassure the nation.

The Trump parody statement reads:

“Joe Biden, who many have said is our worst President, has come down with a case of the China virus, despite being vaccinated. I hope Sleepy Joe is able to bounce back quickly, much as I was. Doctors described my fight against the China virus as Herculean, and not meaning the woke Disney Hercules but rather the Kevin Sorbo one. The Lou Ferrigno one as well.

Joe, I wish you a speedy recovery, even though you are taking America in the wrong direction. No one wants Kamala!

Clay Travis posted the statement, waiting twenty minutes for the joke to sink in before acknowledging it was indeed a parody. It is unclear whether Travis was in on the joke or not.

Travis later pushed back against liberal scold Keith Olbermann, “I didn’t delete any Tweets, Keith. The parody Trump statement is funny. Take your meds, maybe you’ll Tweet better. In the meantime, make sure and get your fifth covid shot. That one will do the trick.”

Others fell for the well-written gag.

As of this writing there is no official statement from President Trump.

Two years ago Joe Biden mercilessly attacked Trump when he came down with COVID.

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