25-Year-Old Houston Astros Outfielder/Hitter Yordan Alvarez Leaves Game and Hospitalized Due to “Shortness of Breath”

Yordan Alvarez (Source: Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Cuban professional baseball designated hitter and left fielder for the Houston Astros, Yordan Alvarez, left the game against the Atlanta Braves early Friday night after suddenly feeling ill.

Yordan Ruben Alvarez, 25 years old, left Friday’s 6-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves in the fifth inning due to sudden illness and shortness of breath.

After being evaluated, he was taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation, Houston Astros announced.

“Yordan Alvarez left the game due to feeling ill on the field,” Astros wrote on Twitter. “He was evaluated in the training room and then transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.”

Manager of the Houston Astros, Dusty Baker, said Yordan Alvarez experienced “shortness of breath.” Baker claimed that Alvarez’s health was worsened by the Brave’s in-game fireworks.

“He’s being analyzed by the doctors. They said all his vitals are good, but he’s feeling normal. He still has to see the ER doctor. He had shortness of breath. Then when they shot the fireworks off, the smoke made it worse,” Baker said in his postgame press conference on Friday.

“I’m glad we got him out when we did because I looked up and he was in the dugout, and it was kind of a scary moment because it could be anything. But they said he’s doing fine at the moment,” he added.

Baker told the media that nobody in the dugout noticed Alvarez was ill during the game.

“We didn’t see anything,” Baker explained. “I just looked up in the dugout and he was there. After that, we had to take it into emergency action to find out what’s wrong, and then the emergency crew came over and took him to the hospital.”

Source: MLB.com

A Fox Sports commentator said,  “Dusty Baker told us Alvarez was slumped at the bottom of the dugout steps leading to the clubhouse, looking as if he was about to pass out.”

“He had to leave the game essentially in the middle of an at-bat because of that shortness of breath that Alvarez was dealing with. Dusty Baker said ‘I’m not taking any chances here’… took him out.”

The team reported on Saturday that Alvarez had returned to the ballpark after all tests had come back normal. He will undergo further assessment, but it’s possible he’ll be ready to play in Sunday’s final game of the series.

“OF Yordan Alvarez was released from the hospital last night. After his evaluation at the hospital, all tests came back normal. He is at the ballpark today and will undergo further evaluation,” Houston Astro announced on Twitter.

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