Freedom Rally Today in New York City! Citizens Still Plagued with Tyrannical “Health” Mandates! “MARCH FOR JUSTICE” with Patriotic New Yorkers! “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!” VIDEO!

Although the rest of the country are enjoying a convenient “momentary pause” from lock downs and mandates as the November election looms, New Yorkers are still dealing with tyrannical one-party rule that continues to plague the state. Please support our fellow citizens in New York who continue to suffer as victims of unconstitutional mandates! There is a march today in Downtown Brooklyn to continue to fight tyranny in New York City. *See flyers and event info below and share!
Here is an electronic flyer for the event, which is hosted by Rapper DVS 7.0:
Countless firefighters, police officers, medical workers, teachers and educational workers are still not working after they lost their jobs and the city has not given them back, leaving jobless in one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. Republican lawmakers in New York have promised to give these workers their jobs back with back pay if they are elected in 2022.
According to a NYC teacher that lost his job for not taking the controversial shot:

“One year ago to the day I was protesting the teacher vaccine mandate at City Hall,” said Michael Kane, the founder of “Teachers for Choice”I was fired for not taking the shot, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams still won’t take me back unless I get the covid shot. If the Kathy Hochul wins this November and gets 4 more years in office, this momentary “pause” on mandates is over. No one should feel safe. The Democrats have changed their tune because they don’t want to lose in the upcoming election.

Crowds of parents and city workers will march over the Brooklyn Bridge and rally at City Hall on Thursday beginning at 3 PM, 65 Court Street in Brooklyn. A grassroots coalition will hold New York City Mayor Eric Adams, DOE Chancellor David Banks and other city agencies accountable for doubling down and continuing with discriminatory, unlawful, and unscientific “emergency” regulations.
Here is the flyer. Please join these Freedom Fighters!

NYS firefighter and local hero Paul Schweit of “Bravest For Choice” lost his job for standing the line and refusing the jab even after the majority if the department crumbled to the unconstitutional mandate and were force vaccinated. He lost his job and is still fighting to get it back. Schweit said:

“This rally marks the anniversary of when teachers took a stand against vaccine mandates, a decision to fight for medical choice at the risk of loosing everything. They were the first and the people did not stand together to protect each other. Because of that the people were picked off one by one cops, firefighters, sanitation, healthcare workers, private businesses. We were divided with blinders on.

“Bravest For Choice was founded to bring unity to everyone, so we can fight as one. Soon my anniversary of one year out of work will come and the public needs to know how many are still suffering due to these mandates. The world has changed , we know better now . It’s been a challenging couple years for everyone but supporting those that took a stand on fundamental values and beliefs to ensure the continuance of freedom is more important than ever.

I’ve met countless individuals in the same position as I and one things stands out . We love our families our country and what we do for a living. When you love something as much as we do we will never stop fighting for what we know is right.”

Please see this incredible rap video by organizer DVS, who is a staple in the NYC Freedom Movement. The Gateway Pundit first met him at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington DC.
*Christian Conservative Activist and Rapper DVS 7.0’s great Patriot Rap Music can be found HERE. Consider adding him to you playlist! 
“It has been a total of one year since those of us who didn’t want the vax got let go or fired,” said Jo Rose of New York Freedom Rally. “We have not forgotten. We want them to do the right thing. They have ruined peoples lives and now they are coming out saying the things we have been saying since day one. They said we were talking about conspiracies but now the CDC agrees with us. But people are still fired and we all need it be hired back with full back pay.”
“The Evil Democrats and their elitist friends think we have forgotten their tyranny over the darkest two years in American history,” said Medical Freedom advocate and Newsmax host John Tabacco. “The CDC suddenly reversing all Covid restrictions and rules is another page out of their standard playbook. They think we are dumb. Unfortunately for them We the People have not forgotten.
The rally marks one year since thousands gathered at the same location in August 2021 after mandates were first announced for NYC teachers and other city employees. Hosts and sponsors include New York Freedom Rally, Children’s Health Defense, Teachers For Choice, Bravest For Choice, and Public Square.
According to Rally Organizer Kev Cee from New York Freedom Rally:
“After millions of families have been disenfranchised and abused over the past two years, the administration is now doubling down, against the very health “authorities” who they invoked to trample on our human rights, so they can continue doing so. The true motives of this pandemic response are now fully exposed, and the time is NOW to go on offense and hold them accountable, especially for parents and everyone else who recognizes the war bring waged on future generations.
If we do not set the precedent once and for all that city executives have no jurisdiction to override the legislature and the Constitution then this abuse of children and parental rights will never end, only get worse.”

The rally takes place at Broadway & Murray, west of City Hall Park, and will feature:

4-5 PM: Fired teachers-turned organizers including Michael Kane, Rachel Maniscalco, Jo Rose, and fired FDNY Paul Schweit.
5-6 PM: Artist-emcee DVS 7.0 and comedian Tyler Fischer,
6-7 PM: Congressional candidates Tina Forte and John Matland, disability-rights leader Julie Maury, other parental rights advocates and independent artists.

For further inquiries, please contact: newyorkfreedomrally@proton.me Social @nyfreedomrally


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