“You Want to Talk About ‘Semi-Fascism’…Look In the Mirror” – Australian TV on Biden Calling Americans “Semi-Fascists”

‘You know what I mean’: Joe Biden’s ‘semi-literate’ response to ‘semi-fascism’ claim.

At least one media channel in Australia is more honest than the US media.

Senile, mean, and corrupt Joe Biden held a ‘rally’ produced by the Democrat establishment to make it look like some people out there really like him.  No doubt the participants were bused in and probably paid.  There were enough participants to fill the pictures and that was about it.

The event was in a small portion of a high school gym and the set was to make it look like a Trump rally with tens of thousands of participants.  The sound was louder than the crowd so it appeared to be pumped in too.

During his talk, Biden shared that the people who support and love America and who support President Trump are “semi-fascists”.

Australia TV addressed this by saying:

This Orwellian claptrap might work with the resistance crowd who still think Russia stole the 2016 Election but sane people would know that fascism is a system of government where opponents and critics are suppressed and attacked.  It’s subordination of individual difference for the supposed good of the nation, including the regimentation of society and the economy.

It’s using the police and other government agencies to come after your opponents.  Sound familiar.

We’ve seen the hopelessly compromised and politicized agencies like the FBI and IRS have become acting as the Democrat’s enforcers.  Then there’s the bulk of the Mainstream Media and the Big Tech platforms which act as the Democrats propaganda arms…

…You wanna talk about semi-fascism…look in the mirror.

See this excellent video below.



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